About Us

All of our knowledge, experience and creativity are at the disposable of the public sector client at any time.
We always concerned, first and foremost, with our client's interest.
Who we are:
The Israel's Government Advertising Agency, functions as a Communications Group for various offices of government, corporations, government-owned companies and publicly-owned companies. Our Agency is responsible for numerous marketing processes that include public and social campaigns for a wide range of topics.
Integrated Advertising is the new advertising:
The world of advertising is changing rapidly and so do we. The days of building an advertising campaign based solely on several media and vendors, are long gone. Nowadays, the focus is on creating and managing extensive marketing and advertising campaigns that combine and integrate various platforms and a multitude of channels. Here, we embrace a new method, one that provides our clients with integrated advertising. According to this method, every ad person essentially manages a professional division providing the client with a 360 degree advertising solution. What does that really mean? Seeing through a campaign and leading the process from conception to execution utilizing media tools that integrate and link to each other while serving the brand and advertising message.